Jinan University 2020 Undergraduate Program of Chinese Language-Apply Now

2020/4/23 20:13:54

The 2020 Jinan University Undergraduate Program of Chinese Language (international applicants) is now opening for registration. We sincerely welcome you to join the undergraduates ranks of Jinan University.


The program aims to cultivate application-oriented talents who own systematic professional knowledge of Chinese language, strongly master Chinese language skills, well understand Chinese culture, commerce, tourism as well as other related professional knowledge. Meanwhile, they are expected to have an in-depth understanding of China's national conditions so that they can smoothly work in a cross-cultural environment using the language of Chinese. After graduation, most of them could work in consulates, government departments, foreign trade companies, tourism companies, etc. in various countries, engaging in the fields of diplomacy, translation, commerce, project development, management, cultural exchange, news media, etc.

Core courses

The Program has four major modules: Basic Chinese, Chinese language and culture, Business Chinese and Tourism Chinese.

Study time and degree awarding

(1)The Program undertakes a four-year school system and implements the credit system. Students can choose to start from the first grade according to the Chinese level. When students pass the placement test, they can directly enter the second or third grade.

(2)Students meet the graduation requirements will be granted with a bachelor’s degree of arts.

Online registration time

April 15, 2020-June 30, 2020

 Documents requested for application

(1) Undergraduate registration form

(2) Original and copy of passport or ID card.

(3) Original and copy of high school diploma and three-year high school transcript (need to be translated into Chinese or English and notarized by the Chinese Embassy).

(4) Original and copy of relevant certificates for Chinese language learning.


Tuition fee: 22,000 yuan / person / year

Accommodation fee: Single room 12,400 yuan / person / year; Double room 12,000 yuan / person / year

Dormitory deposit: 600 yuan

Visa fee: 400 yuan

Medical examination fee: about 600 yuan

Insurance fee: about 330 yuan

Textbook fee: about 200 yuan

Entrance Examinations

The entrance examinations refer to the first grade entrance examination and thesecond/third grade placement examination.

Exam content: Basic knowledge of Chinese, covering listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Exam question types: phonetic transcription of Chinese characters, Chinese characters writing, gap filling, multiple choice questions, sentence ordering, reading comprehension, writing.

Exam time: Within two days after the opening of the school.

Exam bibliography:

  1. Chinese Course (Revised Edition) Volume 1, Volume 2 and Volume 3, Yang Jizhou, Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 2016

  2. Development of Intermediate Chinese (I), (II), Xu Jiamei, Cui Na, Mou Yunfeng, Beijing Language and Culture University Press, 2012

  3. The questions you care about is here, come and see if there is anything you want to know!


    1. Is there a scholarship for the Program?

    Please see the table below for the main scholarship information:


    2. I don’t have HSK score, can I apply for the undergraduate program or transfer?

    Yes. As long as you meet the registration requirements and pass the entrance or placement test, which indicate that your Chinese proficiency is equivalent to HSK level 4 or level 5, then you can enter the first grade or be admitted to the second and third grade.


    3. I have taken the HSK Level 4 / Level 5 tests, do I still need to take the undergraduate entrance examination?

    Yes. All the applicants, with or without HSK scores, are required to take the entrance examination.


    4. I have taken the HSK level 4 / level 5 tests, can I enroll in the second / third level directly?

    All the applicants, with or without HSK scores, are required to take the entrance examination and only those who have successfully pass the exam can enter grade two or three.


    5. When does the school open for next semester?

    Normally the school opens in early September, however, due to the impacts of the epidemic, the specific date will be notified further.


    6. When is the undergraduate entrance examination?

    Usually, the entrance examination takes place at the end of August, about the time of registration.  However, due to the impacts of the epidemic, the specific date will be notified further.


    7. Considering the current epidemic, how can I register and submit documents on the spot?

    At present, applicants who have successfully registered online can send the application form (electronic version) and all the application documents (scanned version) to the Admissions Office of the College of Chinese Languages by June 30:

    The Admissions Office and Department of Social Cooperation of the College of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University, reserves all the rights to the final interpretation of this admission guidelines.

    College of Chinese Language and Culture,

    Jinan University

    April 10, 2020