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Affordable Price

CUESC offer one-package service from admission pre-consultation, getting admission, visa assistance, hotel, ticket, dorm booking and friendly helps after arrival. The service is comprehensive but the service fee we charge is really affordable. Not like other agents, we do not charge like management fee and the processing fee is one time.


Compared to study in Eu countries, study in China apply through CUESC is quite affordable. All the universities CUESC cooperate are approved by our MOE no private ones. So all the fee item for the university are very clear and is charged under the rule of China's Government.


Estimated costs for study a Program in China(1usd~6.5rmb,it will change according to exchange rate)

Non-degree Chinese language Program:

Tuition fee ranges from 10000-18000rmb/year; some small city will be charge like around 13000rmb/year; Main city like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, around 18000rmb/year

Undergraduate Program:

General program costs around 18000-25000rmb/year; Relatively, the engineering program will be more expensive than economic program.

Medicine program is always expensive generally ranges from 25000-42000rmb/year for those medicical universities approved by China MOE.

Master degree program:

If not medicine program, range from 22000-38000rmb/year. Some university like bohai university enterprise management only 16000rmb/year.

Medicine program is expensive like 35000-58000rmb/year

PHD program:almost all are above 40000rmb/year.


Other costs:

Dorm:for double room generally is around 6000rmb/year; single room 13000rmb/year

Physical Test fee: 400rmb each time.


Resident permit:400rmb/semester

Book Material:200-1000rmb/year; language study like 200rmb, medicine around 600-1000rmb/year


For medicine, master, phd program is a bit expensive but they are all very reasonable for a study abroad program.

I believe if one decide to study abroad, these costs are still acceptable and beyond one's ability. If you really got financial ability, you can also try to apply scholarships through in heavy competition.