You Cant't Miss it! GDHW-An International Chinese Language School in Guangzhou

2018/4/3 12:01:09

Guangdong Chinese Language and Culture Educational Training College( GDHW), we also called  Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School (GDOCVS)  is really an ideal school for international student to study Chinese language in Guangzhou city.

Established in 1979, GDHW is a governmental school which is located in Tianhe district,Guangzhou city. With Convenient transportation, affordable school fees,and cozy environment,  Guangdong Chinese Language and Culture Educational Training College has already attracted a great number of international students from more than 60 countries all around the world.

Admission portal already open for international students.

Students can fill in below application form and submit copy of passport and education certificate To our email:

Tuition fee is 13000rmb/year; accomodation fee is 2800-4000rmb/semester.

GDOCVS Foreign Students Application Form
姓名Name *中文名Chinese Name:



English Name

*名Given name:
国 籍Nationality: *护照号码 Passport No.:

*出生日期/Date of Birth:

*性别Sex   男Male    女Female

*婚姻Marital Status   

已婚Y   未婚N

*中文程度/Present Level of Mandarin:   未学Unstudied  初学Beginner 中等Medium  较好Better

*祖籍地/籍贯Ancestral homeland:

*出生地/Place of birth:

*父母姓名、家庭地址Parents’ name and Family Address(Please write clearly,in English):

*家庭联系电话(Family Telephone No.):

*电子邮箱Email box:

*本人、中国国内联系人及联系电话(Personal contact number,Contact people’s name in China and Telephone No.):

*学习时间Study Duration:  

*学习内容/Program Applied for:

1、职业技术学历班Vocational Class        2、汉语班Chinese Language and Culture Class    

3、夏令营 Summer Camp                         4、短训班 Short-term Class

*签证种类:留学签证X Visa 旅游签证L Visa 商务签证F Visa

*出入境次数Entry number:有效期至(expiry date):


Education background

学习时间(Study time)

学校名字、学校地址(School’s Full name and address)

*小 学Primary school

*初中Junior High School

*高中High School

*大学College or University

*其他Other school

*代理人或推荐机构名称及联系方式(Agency and Contact information):CUESC +86-13656656407

声明: 本人在此郑重承诺,本人在校学习期间将恪守《广东省华侨职业技术学校外国留学生管理办法》规定的内容,做到如下几点:1.努力学习,认真完成学习任务;2. 遵守学校的规章制度;3. 尊重教师和学校的工作人员;4. 同学间相互尊重,团结友好;5. 学风端正,举止文明,讲究卫生;6. 维护文明校园环境,保持学校正常生活秩序和学习秩序;7. 遵守中国的法律和规定;8.尊重中国人民的风俗习惯。
Declaration:I hereby solemnly declare that while at school I will scrupulously abide by the "Regulations for the Foreign Students of Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School ", study hard and conscientiously in completing learning tasks, comply with school rules and regulations, pay respect to teachers and school staff, pay mutual respect to other students,be friendly,study in a collect way , be civilize and pay attention to personal hygiene,maintain a civil school environment, maintain a orderly school life,abide the laws and regulations of china, respect the customs of the Chinese people.

(Applicant name and signature)