Cheapest Chinese Language School for Foreigners to Study in Guangzhou

2017/10/13 10:37:47

When mentioned the Sun Yat-Sen university, Jinan University, Guangdong University of Foreign studies, South China Normal University, I think most of you will surely know about them if you have ever stayed in Guangzhou before. It's true that there are so many popular or very good unviersities to study Chinese language here; However, tuition fee in those universities are always very expensive which is more than 16000rmb/year and plus high living expense in Guangzhou city, many foreign students have to give up the dream of study in those universities.


Now there is a school in Guangzhou authorized by Guangdong MOE to enroll foreign students to study non-degree program-Guangdong Chinese Language and Culture Educational Training College, with(13000rmb/year) tuition fee and (7000rmb/year) accomodation fee. This is a school special for Chinese language teaching for foreign students.If you are interested in study Chinese language especial in Guangzhou and also want to find a cheap school, this is not an unattractive option.

Below pictures are taken during Mid-autumn and National day