Study in The College of Chinese Language & Culture, Jinan University 2018

2018/4/24 10:16:09

Currently, many foreign students keep asking me about the relationship between Jinan University and The College of Chinese Languge & Culture, Jinan University(暨南华文学院\jinan Huawen Xueyuan). Actually, Huawen Xueyuan is attached to Jinan University. It is a Separate College special for Chinese language study under Jinan University.


The College of Chinese Languge & Culture, Jinan University is the Paramount school of Overseas Chinese Students as well as the first overseas Chinese education research institute. 'Huawen Xueyuan' enjoys all the highest reputation in teaching Chinese language for overseas students.


'The College of Chinese Languge & Culture, Jinan University' is the Top destination for international students to choose to study Chinese language in China. Students from all around the world are attracted to this school for the great reputation and high teaching quality.


Each year, Jinan University holds various of cultural festival for international students. Below is the annual Water-splashing festival of southeast Asia.

Application Procedure for Non-degree Chinese language program in The College of Chinese Languge & Culture, Jinan University



一)Please submit below application materials to

1)Application form《广州暨南大学华文学院非学历国际学生入学申请表

2) copy of valid passport

II、Time for application  

We accept application all the year around.

Recommended application timeMarch 21th,2018 to Aug 31th,2018

III、Registration date:   Aug 30th-31th,2018

Please register in time.Original Admission notice,Passport and 1 piece of copy, 1 piece of valid visa copy is needed for registration.Students need to pay tuition fee, accomodation and other related fees once get registered.

IV、Study duration:    Sep 3rd, 2018——Jan 19th,2019.

V、Admission Notice and Visa 

After receiving the application materials and application fee,we will send admission notice all together in July once the students are qualified.Students shall go to Chinese embassy to applt 'x'visa after get the the admission notice materials.'X' visa shall be change to student visa within 30days arrival China.

Some students need JW202 form for applying the student('x')visa. While, it will take long time for issue the jw202form, students must apply two months in advance. 

Those who are under 18years old shall have a guardian which is a permanent guangdong resident.

Those who transfer from other Chinese universities shall provide the transfer letter or graduation certificate(degree students with graduation certificate, degree certificate or study certificate), attendance rate(>80%),transcripts and valid resident permit and university can help you extend visa.

VI、Medical checkup 

Freshmen shall go the related hospital in Guangzhou to do the medical checkup after get registered.Once the medical checkup is not qualified,the admission will be cancelled.Those who have already do the medical checkup out of China, shall bring the original medical checkup report to the realted guangzhou hospital to have a verifivation。


Students shall buy the insurance according to the ppolic and only in this way can they make the registeration procedure.

VIII、Dorm reservation pickup service 

Students can enjoy the free pickup serive during the regisration date.If students need room reservation and pickup service, they shall contact us in advance.

IX、Expense                       Currency:RMB

(一)Tuition fee:8850rmb/semester; 800tmb/week. Business Chinese  

(三)Fee standard of dorm: 


Room type 



Zhongai Building、Xinyi Building 




Each room is equipped with bed, chair, desk,wardrobe,independent bathroom,air conditioner,internet access and 24-hour heater.Auto-Washing machine is available。Single room got a public balcony while double room is equipped with independent balcony.

Duding Building、

Jingshen Building