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Best School Quality

All the schools we cooperate are national universities, no private ones.

Those universities are with rich resources of the teaching staff and a most complete faculty of liberal arts, sciences and foreign languages and may of them are ranking top all over the world, such as Peking university, Tsingha university, Fudan university, Wuhan university and so on.

Facilities in the universities here for the international students are specially offered, include: teachers, dorms, classrooms and so on.


It is common concern among international students that how can they understand the course since they don't know chinese language. As more and more students choose China as a destination for studying abroad, many universities in china have offer more courses in English medium, like mbbbs, engineering, computer science, busines, arts, communication.  Moreover, while you study the course in English, the chinese language course is always available for international students. So there is a great advantage to study in China that while you study degree course, you can also enjoy free language study at same time. Many students may still worried about their professors' English. In fact all the teachers are experience professors, most of them have been living abroad for many years. They are very open-minded and familliar with international students' life.

International students' dorm

Dorms for international students are seprate from domestic Chinese students'. Generally international students' dorm will be provided with air conditioner, heater, bathroom, tv, internet access, balcony, bed, shared kitchen,microwave, washing machine and so on.


International students don't attend class together with Chinese students. They got their own classrooms. Like for MBBS students also got special laboratories and special medical devices.

ATM machine

Each university got ATM machine, which international students can withdraw money with visa card.


Besides the Best school quality, everything here are very convenient for the international students. China is becoming more western, same as the life style. Like clubs, western restaurant and so on. So internatiosl students can always enjoy a happy study life here.