Why Should one Study Chinese Language Course in a Chinese University?

2017/4/26 14:14:07

Study aborad in China is not the only way to study Chinese language; nowadays almost every country set up some institutions or training centers or even Confucius Institute to help internaitonal students study Chinese. Thus, Many International Students are wondering why should they study Chinese Language in China? Study in domestic country will help them save much costs in some extent, like no tickets fares, no accomodation fees and so on..

However, a majority of students choose to study in China instead. Below are the examples listed by a group of students who are already in China:

Firstly, most of them have a 'China dream'. China is a large country with a long history and is one of the four homes of the world’s earliest civilizations. They just want to step into this mysterious country, to see it, to explore it and to enjoy it. 

Secondly, only understand a country's culture can you have a good grasp of its language. Join China-this great country is the best way for them to study Chinese language. They can practice with Chinese people everyday and experience all the interesting things around. 

Thirdly, During study in China, students can also spare some time to travel around. There are so many places of interest to visit, like capital city Beijing, Economical city Guangzhou, Historical city Nanjing, Green city Hangzhou and so on. 

However, study in China is not expensive at all compare to western countries. 

Many students choose to study in a not that big city to study Chinese language. On the one hand, the expense will be huge; On the other hand, students can travel those big cities instead of living there all the time. Those can be yet regarded as a good choice.

Tuition fee in a normal city is only like 13000CNY/Year(1USD~6.87RMB for current rate), I think many families can afford this school fees. If still some students can't afford it, there are many other ways to solve it. Like find a cheaper university or apply scholarships or even take some part-time jobs. 

Documents for Applying to study Non-degree Chinese language only need:

copy of passport, applition form, education certificate(some university need it). 

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