2018 September Free Application fee in College of Chinese Language and Culture,Jinan University

2018/5/5 16:50:31

Good news!

In order to let international students enjoy a better CUESC VIP service,application service fee will be waived for all applicants study in College of Chinese Language and Culture,Jinan University,September 2018. Whomever will enjoy the free application service from us if you apply this University.


Let us clarify some fees about the College of Chinese Language and Culture,Jinan University.

(1). Chinese Language undergraduate program and Overseas Chinese Education undergraduate program Class B & C: 18,700 Yuan RMB/academic year.

(2). Overseas Chinese Education Undergraduate Program Class A: 15,000 Yuan RMB/academic year

(3). Non-degree long-term Chinese classes (Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Language Class, Crash Chinese, Business Chinese, Cantonese: 8850 Yuan RMB/semester

(4). Short-term Chinese class: 800 Yuan RMB/week

Note: 1.For non-degree course, no matter how long you apply, the tuition fee will be paid semester by semester-8850rmb/semester.

         2. For accomodation, unlike other Chinese universities, you can come to choose any type of rooms when you get registered;  The College of Chinese Language and Culture,Jinan University need a reservation as so many international students apply each intake. Accomodation fee is 6000-6200rmb/semester           

        3. 1400rmb Miscellaneous Fees to be Prepared include medical examination, prophylactic inoculation for hepatitis type A & B, visa, campus IC card, international students’ comprehensive insurance, residential permit, text books, etc..


In a total, if a international choose to study in Jinan University, the fees will be :

8850+6000+1400=16250RMB school fees.


Welcome to apply The College of Chinese Language and Culture,Jinan University through CUESC.

You can enjoy all benefits below:

1. No application fee, all fees pay to school

2. You can enjoy the best VIP serivce compare to apply directly to University.

3. Easier, Faster and Convenient.


Pls send doc(copy of passport, application form) directly to