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One of the best and cheapest places to study Chinese language, Guangdong Chinese Language and Culture Educational Training College(Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School) is a foreign oriented vocational college that facing overseas Chinese, the compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and foreign people. This college is the Chinese Language and Cultural Educational Center of Guangdong Province, and Chinese Cultural Transmission Center of Guangdong as well. This college is based on Guangdong Overseas Chinese Vocational School, which approved by Guangdong people's government in the October, 2013.Since 1999, this college adhering to the concept of ‘People-oriented, Serving-uppermost’, and has already educated the overseas students from nearly 70 countries and regions ( more than 5500 people), and more than 2000 visitors for communicating. This college has continuously hosted ‘China Root-seeking winter (summer) camp’ and accommodated nearly 4500 students. A variety of teaching projects have been widely recognized for the distinct culture features, strict teaching management and remarkable teaching qualities. Widespread honored for domestic and overseas.

    This college located in Tianhe district of Guangzhou,one of the south foreign trade important port cities, close to the Longdong National Forest Park with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. This college maintains strict discipline and regular management as well. Pay attention to the campus culture and art activities, we wish every student can enjoy their lives and study happily in this college.


    1.Chinese Language Courses of five grades for Chinese level who are starting from beginners to senior.

    2.Business Chinese Courses: Provide training of listening and speaking for the business people in China. Help them to improve the interpersonal communication, business communication in Chinese, and try to solve the Chinese communication barriers in their commercial activities.

    3. Pre-university Course:This course is to help the overseas students to get acclimatized to the education system of Chinese University, intensive Chinese training, recommend the outstanding overseas students to the University to study.

    4.Chinese Teaching Training Course:This course is for the overseas Chinese and foreign people who are occupied in TCSL or Pre-school Education.

    5. Tourism Business/Study Tour Course:Mainly focuses on learning a crash course of Chinese, the content and time can be flexible according to the students’ demands.

    6. AFS International Cultural Exchange Program

    The college has hosted The Cooperative College of AFS International Cultural Exchange Program from 2013, and it became the specify cooperation college. This program is to learn Chinese language and culture and art, live in the Chinese family and exchange the culture communication.

*  The college will organize students to attend HSK exam each semester and make a training for them before the exam.

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