Best Place to Study Non-degree Chinese Language Program in China 

2017/4/25 20:05:06

China is already the biggest destination for studying abroad in ASia!

Every year there is a large number of international students choose to study Chinese language in China; however, where to choose to study is becoming a headache. 

Below are the list of cities and universities for your reference:

Big city/Central city/City with largest number of foreigners/First Tier city

Beijing:Beijing Language and Culture University ; Beijing Foreign Studies University; Peking University; Tsinghua University; Beijing Normal University;Capital Normal University; Beijing University of Chemical Technology.  

Shanghai:Fudan University, Donghua University; Shanghai University; Shanghai Jiaotong University;Shanghai Finance University

Guangzhou:Sun Yat-sen University, Jinan University; Guangdong University of Foreign Studies; South China Normal University; Guangzhou University

Shenzhen:Shenzhen University

Tianjin:Tianjin University

Tuition fee:16000-18000rmb/year 

Medium city/Popular destination/Medium school fees/Second Tier city:

Nanjing:Nanjing University; South EAST University; Nanjing Normal University

Hangzhou:Zhejiang University; Hangzhou Dianzi University; Zhejiang University of Technology;Zhejiang University of Science and Technology 

Dalian:Dalian University of Technology; Dalian University of Foreign Studies

Ningbo:Ningbo University

Xiamen:Xiamen University

Wuhan:Wuhan University; Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Tuition fee:13000-16000rmb/year

Small city/cheap school fees city/Third tier city

Anshan:University of Science and Technology Liaoning

Jinzhou:Bohai University

Zhenjiang:Jiangsu University;Jiangsu university of Science and Technology

Tuition fee:10000-14000rmb/year

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