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2015/9/7 18:47:54

China's fast development attracts more and more foreigners to come and study here.  China has also become one of the most popular destination to study MBBS. 

Firstly, compared to other Eu countries, the expense for studying in China is quite affordable and there is even many financial aid students can get from China government, like China government scholarships.

Moreover, China's MBBS takes a very top position in the world. International students can do internships in 

China hospitals, every unviersity will got a special hospital for international students while study in domestic countries, internships will be always a big headache. 

Very high passing rate of the medical license after graduation MBBS study in china is one of the most important reason for international students to choose china as a destination for study MBBS.

TOP  Most Popular MBBS Univeristy in China

TOP 1: Huazhong University of Science and Technology (Tuition fee 40000rmb/year)

Why choose to study MBBS in Huazhong University of Science and Technology:

One of the Top 10 universities in China.

Best Renowned Tongji Medical College around the world (founded in 1907 by a German Doctor Paulun Erich )

Above 95% employment rate of graduates 

20,000 Masters and Doctors on campus 

Partnerships with more than 100 world renowned universities and research institutions in 26 countries 

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 TOP 2: Dalian Medical University (Tuition fee 40000rmb/year)

Why choose to study MBBS in Dalian Medical University

1. Model university for foreign student education
-- Approved by Ministry of Education, China
2. 11 years experience of MBBS program in English
3. Three affiliated hospitals with more than 6,000 beds
4. Faculty recruited from top universities and institutes
-- Faculty recruited from Harvard Medical School, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, John Hopkins University, etc.
-- Collaboration with over 100 universities and institutes all over the world

5. Most favorite university to study medicine for international students
6. Beautiful city and campus
-- Top five most pretty campuses in China
-- Campus with its own coastline
-- Dalian is famous for tourism
-- Comfortable climate 

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 TOP 3: Wuhan University (Tuition fee 32000rmb/year)

Why choose to study MBBS in Wuhan University

1.Wuhan University is one of the universities with longest history in China

2.Wuhan University is one of TOP 10 universities in China

3.Wuhan University is one of the universities who have most open awareness in school running

4.Wuhan University is one of the universities with best qualities in talents teaching

5.Wuhan University has great environment ! 

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TOP 4:Jiangsu University (Tuition fee 30000rmb/year)

Why choose to study MBBS in Jiangsu University

Jiangsu University ranked excellently in Ministry of Education’s MBBS appreciation and inspection.  

Jiangsu University is one of the oldest institutions inChina

It is one of the first groups of universities that offered doctoral programs for students.

It is one of the most popular universities among international students

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Top 5: Liaoning Medical University (Tuition fee 30000rmb/year)

Liaoning Medical University has become a leading provincial university with its main educational focus being on the medical sciences.There are well-equipped sport grounds, a gymnasium and a state of the art library. More than one hundred teachers and researchers at the university have won the honor of “excellent teacher and talented person for science and teaching” awarded by both national and local government.

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Top 6: Shenyang Medical University (Tuition fee 25000rmb/year)

In 2007, the college successfully passed the Teaching Work Level Evaluation of the Ministry of Education with a result of “Excellent”. We have established friendly relationships with more than ten foreign institutions in theUnited States,Britain,Japan,Netherlands,Australia, andCanada. Till now, more than 1200 international students from 39 countries are studying at our campus, including 175 graduates.

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