MBBS in English in Shenyang Medical College with Excellent Teaching Quality

2016/5/25 13:07:40

Shenyang Medical College is one of the very college successfully passed the Teaching Work Level Evaluation of the Ministry of Education with a result of “Excellent” There were already More than 1000 international students from Pakistan, Nepal, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Norway, Congo, Russia and so on  studying at this college since 2010.


One student from Zambia has shared picture of his MBBS class. It sounds awesome and I can't help putting it here to share with you.






Shenyang Medical College is founded in the year 1949 and began to enroll international students since 2014.

Fees in Shenyang Medical College is really reasonable.

Tuition fee is 25000rmb/year; Accomodation fee is 2500-7500rmb/year, Students can choose according to their own financial ability.

MBBS: September intake, 6-year duration.