Congolese Students Joel in USTL Took Part in Volunteer Teaching in Anshan

2016/4/29 21:47:35

Joel who is from Congo has applied civil engineering of bachelor degree in University of Science and Technology Liaoning (USTL) last year. Now is his first year of bachelor degree, he can always got some spare time.

Teacher shaking hands with Joel and Thanks for his volunteer teaching

Under the help of friends, Recently he has taken part in Volunteer Teaching in Anshan NO.1 middle school. Joel's native language is French and his English is also very good. He said it is a very pleasant thing to do this to help students learn English and French, also in this way he can improve his Chinese language.

Joel organizing the class and communication with students

Volunteer teaching is really meaningful for everyone. If international students got spare time and want to do sth meaningful and impressive, may be this is also another way to record your life in China! And you can also benefit a lot from teaching: improve your Chinese language; practise yourself; Enrich your life.

Let's cheers for Joel's good deed and hope all international students can learn from him and wish all of you can enjoy your study in China!


Here CUESC wish you a Happy 'May Day' 2016 in Advance!