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About Our USTL

The University of Science and Technology Liaoning (USTL) was established in 1948 and was one of China‘s earliest metallurgical higher institutions. The university has Liaoning (USTL) developed into a national comprehensive university main focus on technology.

It offers a variety of programs and Science and Engineering and Civil Engineering subjects covering technology, science, economics, liberal arts, and law. There are currently 19000 full time undergraduate students, more than 1000 postgraduate students, and 1036 faculty members in 18 colleges and faculties.


The university The schoolof Architectural offers 42 undergraduate programs, 32 of which also have The school of Science master’s or doctoral degree authorization. Many majors also Engineering have the authorization to confer degrees at the equivalent educational level to master’s degrees. The university has 12 provincial level key subjects and 8 provincial level key laboratories. Its strength lies in polytechnic education, and it The school of Business The school of Economics continues to develop its overall construction and curriculum Administration and Law development.


Through more than 60 years of construction and development, the University of Science and Technology Liaoning (USTL) has cultivated a huge workforce forming the backbone of The school of Foreign The school of the Higher China’s main iron and steel enterprises, thus earning a Languages Vocational Education reputation as ‘a cradle for metallurgical engineers’. Previous leaders of the Anshan Iron and Steel Company (Angang) have always included graduates of our university, and at present there are more than 2000 former USTL graduates TheschoolofInternationalworking in various positions at Angang.


Further more, every The school of Arts year USTL sends outstanding graduating students to more Education than 10 of China’s largest iron and steel companies, such as Tanggang, Wugang, Jigang, Tiantie, Baogang, and Bengang.


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