Newly Dorm Completed in University of Science and Technology Liaoning 2016

2016/10/17 15:34:47

The International Students' dorm of University of Science and Technology Liaoning(USTL) has newly completed since last 2015 and nowaways students move in one after another.

International Students' Room(double bed)


Public kitchen

                                                                        View from window

According to a student from Zimbabwe, the new dorm is really very clean and tidy. The international dorm provide a complete set of facilities. You can see fridge, washing machine, electromagnetic oven and so on. He said it is really lucky of him to study in this year now.


Currently, University of Science and Technology Liaoning mainly accepts Non-degree Chinese language program and undergraduate program.

There are 6 English-Taught Undergraduate programs in USTL:


Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

International Economy and Trade

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Qualification for study in University of Science and Technology Liaoning:
For Undergraduate programs-----High school graduate students.
For Non-degree Chinese language program:No special requirements
USTL welcome students from all over the world so no matter which country you are from are eligible to apply.
Email of University of Science and Technology Liaoning: