Study Engineering in Bohai University with Cheapest Tuition Fee

2016/3/1 14:45:43


Study Abroad is costly and it is always a headache for many students whose financial ability are not good enough while scholarships application is on fierce competition; this way we will have to find some universities with low fees and still very good university in China with experienced professors.


Bohai University which is located in Jinzhou, a seaside city with a long history in Liaoning Province has firstly come into our eyes.


Bohai university got many undergraduate programs in English medium:

1.Business Administration and Management

2.Electronic Engineering

3.International Trade and Business

4.Software Engineering

5.Tourism Management

Master program: Enterprise management is also conducted in English with a tuition fee of 16000rmb/year.

Two Intakes in Bohai University

Bohai University is very flexible, it has two intakes, March and September.  So if students graduated after September then you can choose the March intake.

Visa situation

Visa situation is very strict here, students must hold x(student) visa to enter China, other types of visa can't be changed to student visa here.

Fee Structure:

Bohai university is almost the cheapest university to study engineering in English

Tuition fee for undergraduate only 13000rmb/year; accomodation fee range from 4500-10000rmb/year

Airport pick up service: