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2018-4-8 17:25:30

Hi, I'm Marwan from Morocco, 23 years old. Studying abroad, especially in China has been always a dream of me since my childhood. After I hung up a school the upper pre, I had one of my friends who were studying in China. They highly suggested the study in China agency(CUESC) because it is popular in China and many students have already dealt with them. And they provide good services and decent prices, what motivated me most is that it has a good reputation throughout China. I called them directly, and  begun the process at once. It was difficult at first, but with the assistance of the agency of all these procedures, everything became easy.


I am really pleased to have the chance to complete studies in one of the most beautiful country in the world, I mean state of China, and achieve the dream of my childhood.


From this rostrum, I would like to thank the agency because it operates in a professional manner.

هاي ، انا مروان من المغرب 23 سنة 
منذ طفولتي كنت أتمنى الدراسة بالخارج و خصيصا في الصين كان هذا بمثابة حلم بالنسبة لي ، بعد إنهائي المدرسة العليا ، استعنت بأحد أصدقائي الذين يدرسون مسبقا في الصين ، فاقترح عليا هذه الوكالة لانها مشهور في الصين و سبق للعديد من الطلبة التعامل معها . و تقدم خدمات جيدة و بأسعار محترمة ، و ما حفزني اكثر هو أن هذه الوكالة لديها سمعة حسن في جميع أنحاء الصين ..
اتصلت بهم مباشرة بدأت في إجراءات اللازمة .. الامر كان صعب شيء ما في البداية ، لكن بمساعدة هذه الوكالة كل هذه الإجراءات أصبحت سهلة .. و إلتحقت بعد مدة قصيرة لإتمام دراسة في واحد من اجمل البلدان في العالم ، اقصد دولة الصين الشعبية ، و تحقق حلم طفولتي .. 
ومن هذا المنبر أودّ شكر هذه الوكالة لانها تعمل بشكل احترافي