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2020/12/2 10:20:28

2021 Spring intake Online Chinese Language Course for Students Outside China!

. Class Session

From March 1st2021 to July 16th2021.

 Ⅱ. Main Courses

Comprehensive Course, Listening and Speaking Course, Grammar Course, etc, Business Chinese Course.

 Ⅲ. Class Arrangement

    1. February 27th, 2021,Placement Test for new students. Class will start only if there are 10 or more than 10 people.

    2. Every Monday to Friday, Beijing Time .Students can choose the appropriate class time according to your own situation.




    3. The following levels of Chinese class are offered based on different Chinese levels.

  1.Elementary class consists of 3 levels: zero-level, basic and advanced level.

  2.Intermediate class consists of Intermediate (Ⅰ)and (Ⅱ).

  3.Advanced Chinese Class

  4. Business Chinese class requires intermediate Chinese

  • Elementary class: Comprehensive Course, Listening and Speaking Course

  • Intermediate class: Comprehensive Course, Listening and Speaking Course, Grammar Course, Business Chinese Course.

 Ⅳ. Teaching Mode

Online live interactive teaching

 Ⅴ. Tuition Fee6800CNY

 Ⅵ. Payment Methods

  • Students who have paid the tuition fee before could take deduction from the tuition fee, continue the study and pay the remaining tuition fee.

  • New students (Remittance):

Students need to pay the bank charge of remittance by themselves.Note: In column of Note, please fill in passport number and passport name of the student.

 Ⅶ. Registration:

Registration Method:

Send picture of passport page, currently Chinese visa page (if you have) and payment receipt through e-mail to

Registration Time: From now on

Registration Consultation: Admission OfficeTel: 86-13656656407

With flexible study time, very afforable school fees, what are you still hesitating about?

Come on! Join us now! -College of Chinese Language & Culture, Jinan University

We are waiting for you!

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