Admission for September Semester of 2019 Starts-SAU

2019/5/13 15:16:39
Shenyang Aerospace Admission for September Semester of 2019 Starts

I. Majors for internaitonal Students instructed in English

1. Bachelor degree programs (4years)
☆ Aeronautical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering(Mechatronics Engineering)
Computer Science and Technology
Telecommunication Engineering
International Economics and Trade
2. Chinese Language(0.5-1 year)
3. University Foundation Program(1 year)
4. Master degree programs(3 years)
Aeronautical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering(Mechanical Manufacture & Automation)
Computer Applications Technology
Business Management
Control Science & Engineering
II. Academic Semesters
Each academic year consists of fall semester and spring semester. The fall semester starts at the beginning of  September and ends in the mid of January of the following year while the spring semester begins in the beginning of March and ends in the mid of July. There are winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation usually lasts 5 weeks and there are various of summer vacation courses available for students. The winter vacation lasts 6 weeks and normally follows the schedule of Chinese New Year.

III. Application Procedures

1. Applicant should send the clear first page and blank page pictures of the passport, application form, physical examination Record, certificate and transcript of highest academic degree to International Students Admission and Career Planning Office.
2. Applicants will receive “JW202 Visa Application Form” and “Admission Notice” after they are enrolled.
3. Applicants should take the JW202 Form and Admission Notice to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate General to apply for Student Visa (X Visa).
4. Applicants should come to SAU before the date of class starting as mentioned in Admission Notice. If you need to be picked up at Shenyang TaoXian airport, please send your flight details three days before your arrival. IEC of SAU will help book transportation and the transportation expense should be paid by the students.
IV. Register deadline

Class for September semester starts from September 16th, 2019. 

Shenhyang Aerospace University New fee structure 2019 

Master's Degree
20,000 Yuan/Year
(≈3100 US$)
in the English medium
Bachelor's Degree
18,000 Yuan/Year
(≈2800 US$)
in the English medium
14,000 Yuan/Year
(≈2200 US$)
in the Chinese medium
Chinese Language
12,000 Yuan/Year
(≈1900 US$)
University Foundation Program
14,000 Yuan/Year
(≈2200 US$)
in the English medium
Private Room
14000 Yuan/Year
(≈2200 US$)
Single Room
850 Yuan/Month
(≈130 US$)
Friendship Villa
650 Yuan/Month
(≈100 US$)
Block A/ B
Twin Room
600 Yuan/Month
(≈90 US$)
Friendship Villa
500 Yuan/Month
(≈75 US$)
Block A/ B/ C
Four Persons Room
260 Yuan/Month
(≈40 US$)
Block C
Residence Permit
One Year
840 Yuan
(≈140 US$)
Less than one year
440 Yuan
(≈70 US$)
Health Insurance
600 Yuan/year
(≈100 US$)
2000Yuan/4 years
(≈350 US$)
for undergraduate students only
School Uniform
300 Yuan
(≈50 US$)
for undergraduate students only
500 Yuan
(≈80 US$)
including sheet, pillow and quilt
Internet Service
480 Yuan/Year
(≈80 US$)
Physical Test
700 Yuan
(≈120 US$)
100 units free/month
students should meet the excess cost