Chinese Learning Summer Session 2019 in (CCLC)Jinan University

2019/4/15 10:16:15

一、学习时间Study Period:2019年7月1日至8月9日(共六周)

From Jul. 1st to Aug. 9th, 2019 (6 weeks’ course)


1. 汉语初级上班(未学过汉语者)Rudimentary Chinese Class I (for beginners).

2.汉语提高班(具备一定汉语基础,按程度分别编班)Chinese class II for Higher Level(The students will be streamed based on their Chinese levels).

三、课程 Courses

主要课程Main courses汉语精读、汉语阅读、汉语听说Intensive Chinese Reading,Chinese Reading,Chinese Listening and Speaking.


(一)报名费Application fee: 350元人民币/人350 RMB/person

(二)学  费Tuition fee: 4800元人民币/人4800 RMB/person

(三)住宿费Housing fee

 笃行楼和敬慎楼双人空调房50元人民币/天 押金600元,缴交一张一寸照片和一张护照复印件交至宿舍楼服务台Double room with air-conditioner in Duxing Building and Jingshen Building.  50 RMB/day/person.  Deposit:600Yuan.  Please submit your 1 inch photo and 1 copy of passport to our dormitory receptionist.

(四)课本费Textbook fee:按实收费,约100元About 100 RMB/person (Charged according to the actual costs)

(五)活动费Activity fee

广州一日游300元/人。One day trip in Guangzhou 300 RMB/person 

民俗一日游300元/人。One day folk custom trip 300 RMB/person

活动自愿参加,费用自理,十五人成团。These activities are optional. One activity needs at least 15 students participated or it will be canceled.  

五、需提交的材料Documents needed to be submitted

1.报名表1份  1 application form

2.护照复印件1张  1 photocopy of passport

六、报名时间Application Time:2019年7月1日前Before Jul. 1st, 2019.

可插班入读。Students can still apply for the class after it begins.

七、报到注册时间Registration Time:2019年6月28日Jun. 28th, 2019.

报到注册地点Registration Place:华文学院招生办公室(办公楼110

室)Admissions Office, Room110, administration building of the college

八、上课地点Classroom:华文学院教学大楼Teaching building of the college


(一)接受传真、邮寄或电子邮件报名。Application by fax, by mail or e-mail is acceptable.

(二)10人以上开班。The class will be canceled if applicant students are less than 10 persons.

(三)开班后所交报名费、学费不予退还。The fees of application and tuition are not refundable if the class opens.

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