2016 Changzhou University Opening Ceremony of International Students

2016/10/18 19:50:13

On 12th March, 2016, 2016 Changzhou University Opening Ceremony of International Students was held successfully. More than 60 international students from over 20 countries(Russia, Kazakhstan,Uzbekistan,Sudan, Cameroon,Mauritius and so on)  attended this ceremony.


Apart from the full English-taught undergraduate internaitonal trade course, this year Changzhou university has added a new program in English medium, that is petroluem engineering which is a very popular course among international students and has attracted a large number of students from Central Asia and Africa countries. Another group of degree and non-degree students will arrive at the end of this month. Till then, the number of international students in Changzhou University will reach 150.

Though the international students in Changzhou University are not in great number, the condition here is really very good and the expense are really affordable.


Currently, Changzhou University only got september intake for international students; so you can choose to apply from 1st of March to 30th June.  The number of students we will enroll each year is fixed, so first apply first considered.

Tuition fee for undergraduate program:14000rmb/year

Non-degree chinese language program:15000rmb/year

You can apply online or send doc to our admission Email