Apply to Study in HUST, Best Internship is Available for Foreign Students

2016/7/26 22:54:04

Are you upset with the internship chance in China? Not sure where you can do internship before graduation? Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) can always creat the best conditions for international students.

Between July 4th and 15th, School of Electronics Information and Communications and Fiberhome company held an internship for all undergraduate students of 2013 of HUST in Wuhan Telecommunication Research Institute. A total of 60 Chinese and international students joined this internship. During the two-weeks’ internship, all students grasped a deeper understanding of fiber and communication knowledge by in-depth interactions with experienced engineers.

In the first week internship, engineer supervisors provided comprehensive theoretical training in English language and taught international students the structure of Fiberhome and the knowledge of fiber communication. Engineers also took the students to the production line and the exhibition hall of the Fiberhome, and lectured students with the knowledge of complete procedures from fiber production to application on-site.

In the second week, international and Chinese students worked together to complete the projects of optical transmission network – the construction of SDH system, and fiber optical deployment which were lectured by professional engineers. In order to make a good communication and cooperation between Chinese and international students, students were divided into groups randomly and were given tasks requiring team work and collaboration. All students completed the project of optical transmission network under the guidance of engineers. Afterwards, all students were taken outside to finish the task of fiber optical deployment by connecting fiber in the yard.


After two weeks’ internship, all students not only enhanced their operational skills and team work ability, but also get strengthened their theoretical knowledge by practical application into the practice. In the end of the internship, the Fiberhome company held a closing ceremony and professor Zeng Yujiang from School of Electronic Information and Communications of HUST and relative people in charge attended the ceremony. International student representative, Mr NSUNZA WATIPATSA WISHEIGHZ, from Malawi, gave a speech in the ceremony and expressed his gratitude towards this internship opportunity and cherished this experience which benefited him more than expected.