2016 Chinese Bridge Semi-final Satisfactorily Completed!

2016/4/28 15:19:21

On Friday, April 22nd, 2016, the Chinese Bridge semi-final match was satisfactorily completed. Eight participants outstandingly advanced to the final, which will be held on May 13th, 2016. Let's see!

That day, at 3:30 pm, the semi-final of Chinese Bridge was held in Nongmao's Dongjieli food street. After the opening and brief introduction about the rules, the first game segment began. The participant rushed to the settled restaurant to find the tounge-twister and read it correctly.


Then, on the next game, they ordered a food. One player is blindfolded, one other player gave the instruction to the blindfolded player to feed the third player. After they completed the mission, the participants returned to the starting point and the first game segment ended. Before, while doing to first game segment, every team had their own funny style of finishing the mission, which made everyone couldn't bear but to burst out laughing.

 While the second game segment started with people bustling around, the players already found the mission card on the settled restaurant. Then, after they finish looking for the item on the mission card, everybody get back to the original place. Every players played the game cooperatively and harmoniously.

As the match goes on, then comes the climax. On the final round, the participants need to find a person according to the specific description on the card. They let the person matching with the description to come to the upper floor of Dongjieli and had them checked. They all were very excited while doing the third round, and this third game segment was ended by taking pictures of each team members with the corresponding person on the description.


The Chinese bridge semi-final was satisfactorily completed. In this round, three participants from the 5th team performed excellently and seized the first position! They are Letizia from Equatorial Guinea, Mike from Canada,  and Ahmed Ibrahim from India. During the semi-final, Letizia had done an excellent job in reading the tongue-twister lines and characters, which was very helpful to the other team members. Mike was warm-hearted and behaved actively. The last but not least, Ahmed also had done a very good job in talking to the natives. All the participants were being enthusiastic and excellent. Let's anticipate their performances in the final with great amount of blessings!


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