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Logistics Management


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Business Administration

International Economy and Trade



Computer Science and Technology

Visual Communication Design

Product Design

Fine Arts


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Campus Life

About Our NBU

Located in a historical and thriving port city-Ningbo which is  near China East Sea, Ningbo university has five campuses, covering an area of over 160 hectares, with a floor space totaling 560,000 square meters. The main campus, adjacent to Ningzhen Road in the north and Yongjiang River in the south, offers wide space for study and research with magnificent buildings and pleasant lawns and greenery.


Ningbo University is a dynamic, fast-growing and comprehensive  university with a wide range of disciplines. It is one of the Top 100 universities in China.

Ningbo universities consist of 21 faculties and colleges with 13 PHD programs ,145master programs and 75 bachelor programs with more than 30,000 full time students.


Ningbo university attaches great importance to international exchange and cooperation. So far, it maintains links with more than 140 universities from over more than 40 countries.


Ningbo university offers a variety or programs taught in English and supplies a complete set of facilities and service to international students. Currently, over 2400 international students from 92 countries are registered at the university.

English Taught programs in Ningbo University:

Undergraduate programs:

Logistics management; Architecuture; Mechanical engineering and Automation; MBBS, Business administration; International Trade; Finance, Accounting; Computer Science; Visual communication design; Product design, Fine arts.

Master Programs:

MBA;Aquaculture; Fishery Resources; Material Engineering;Communication and Information Systems;Port and shipping technology and management engineering;Sino-Australian MBA

PHD Programs:

Aquaculture; Fishery Resources

French-Taught programs in Ningbo University:

Tourism management of Both undergraduate programs and master programs.




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