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The School of International Studies, Wenzhou Medical University, Chashan Campus, Wenzhou City Postcode325035
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Wenzhou Medical University is to enhance the world’s understanding of China by establishing two Confucius institutes in Burapha University, Thailand as well as in State University of New York College of Optometry, USA. The ministry of Education of China listed WZMC among the first batch institutions of higher education that are qualified for running MBBS program for foreign students in English. It was honored as a Distinguished Institution of Higher education for foreign Students, Zhejiang Province in August 2008 and was honored as a National Distinguished Institution of Higher education for foreign Students in July 2009. Till now it has two popular programs in English medium among international students: MBBS, BDS.


Wenzhou Medical University is located in Wenzhou city which is at the middle section of the circum-Pacific 18,000-kilometer-long west coast of China, intersecting the two economic zones of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River Deltas. It is the economic, cultural and transport center of south Zhejiang Province.


Wenzhou derives its present name from its mild elimate. It is a part of those subtropicla maritime regions with a humid climate, noticeable for its alternating dry and monsoon periods, with distinct seasons and abundant rainfall, yet without intense heat in the summer nor bitter cold in the winter. It has an average annual temperatuer ranging between 1500 to 1900 mm and a frost-free period of 260 to 280 days. The duration of sunshine amounts to an average 1700 to 2000 hours annually.


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