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About Our SUCT

Shenyang University of Chemical Technology (SUCT), is a complex university mainly in science, specialization and advantage in the field of chemical industry, integration in the field of science, engineering, economy, management and arts. SUCT was founded in 1952, has become the multi-levels teaching system for postgraduates, undergraduates, and the education of Branch Institute (state-owned & society-run), foreign students, adults, and continuous education, SUCT has 14,000 undergraduates,1,000 postgraduates. SUCT is composed of 12 colleges or departments which includes the College of Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Environmental &Biological Engineering, Material Sciences & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Economics Administration, Keya College, College of Adult Education, Department of foreign Language, Department of Mathematics & Science, Department of postgraduates, Social Science and Department of physical Education. SICT offers 34 undergraduate courses, 40 authorized disciplines for master degree, and one in the field of Master in Engineering. SICT qualifies for providing higher degree courses to on-job graduate willing to continue their education for higher degree and has 5 disciplines for doctorate in affiliation with domestic and overseas universities. SICT has 3 major subjects, 1 major lab at provincial level, as well as 40 different kinds of labs. SUCT has 813 professional teachers, including 104 senior teachers, 308 vice-senior teachers.


Above 50 are the experts who are awarded the subsidy of the State Council, outstanding provincial-level teachers and provincial or municipal level heads of department. SUCT insists on centering on teaching. 14 teaching achievements was awarded at provincial level, including 2 stood first, 10 stood second, and 2 stood third at provincial level. Since the 9th Five-year Project, SUCT has undertaken & accomplished over 400 various scientific and research projects from the state, the province (ministry), the city and enterprises; publishing academic articles around 2000. Now it has achieved great results at the front in China, advanced in the inter-nation or at three front rank in inter-nation. For many years, SUCT has continuously achieved the designation of" Liaoning province advanced unit for production, teaching and scientific research cooperation". SUCT has established friendly international cooperation relationship with more than 20 universities and scientific research institutes, including Japan, Britain, Russia, America, etc. SUCT is affiliated with Bedfordshire University (UK) for 3+2 model joint education, for 2+3 model with Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology (Russia), for 3+1 model with Westscotland University (UK),and the graduates will be given certificate and diploma from both SUCT and foreign universities. Now the International Education School in SUCT has total 100 foreign students, they are mainly from Pakistan, Bangladesh and other African countries.


Shenyang University of Chemical Technology has begun to recruit international students studying in China since 1953. Students from over 20 countries and regions study for undergraduate or graduate programs, Chinese language, short term trainings, or exchange programs.

The International Education School was established in 2007 to assist and help international students adapt the campus life, deal with daily study, visa and activity affairs and get better improved in the university.

The school provides students with complete living conditions, including student's apartment, dining room, entertainment and sports places, medical and health institutions. It plans to offer university scholarship and stipend to excellent students, and the students can also apply Chinese Government Scholarship.

International student associations carry out a variety of extra-curricular activities, and gain rights and interests for students.

Besides daily management of students, the International Education School is responsible for the Chinese language teaching, while other colleges and schools are in charge of major courses teachings.


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