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Soochow University,short for SU, which is located in the historical city-Suzhou(is one of the earliest cities that were named as a Historical Chinese City and an Important Travel Destination) is under the project "211" and it is a key university in Jiangsu province.


We have many long-term visiting students learning Chinese, short-term trainees and senior scholars learning Chinese language and Chinese economy and culture, and several other areas. In recent years, the school has accepted nearly two thousand foreign students, who come from Japan, Korea, the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Britain and other more than 50 countries and regions.


Soochow University has a strong teaching team with operational capacity, abundant teaching experience, and good reputation among students. International students leave class feeling more and more confident in their Chinese language skills. 


Till 2015,9 , Soochow University got almost 50,000 students; among them post-graduate student is 14460, undergraduate student is 25733; international student is 1945 which is almost the university in jiangsu province with the largest number of international students.


MBBS in Soochow University is under the list of 'undergraduate program of clinical medicine taught in English approved by China MOE'



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