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About Our NTU

Nantong University is a comprehensive university with a history of 100 years. It provides a complete range of disciplines including literature, science, engineering, medicine, pedagogy, economics, law, history, and administration. It is composed of twenty-six schools, having in all 85 undergraduate programs, 105 master’s programs and 1 joint Ph. D program. The university is honored with the candidate for the national key discipline, provincial key disciplines, provincial key constructing disciplines, provincial service platform for public technology, provincial engineering center, provincial key medical discipline etc. The university presently has 34,000 full-time students, including over 1400 students studying for Ph.D. degree and Master’s degree and around 300 international students. The university now has around 2,200 full-time teachers, including more than 990 professors and associate professors. The university undertakes hundreds of research items under projects including National 973 Project, 863 Project, National Science and Social Science Fund Project.

The university is expanding its international academic exchange and cooperations, such as faculty and student exchange programs, research cooperation programs, joint education programs and so on, with many universities and research institutes in Britain, the USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea and other countries. Each year, there are 20 foreign experts working in the university.

With four beautiful campuses, Nantong University offers an excellent study environment and convenient living facilities. The university places its emphasis on training applied talents. All specialties, especially clinical medicine, Chinese language and culture, and business and management, are available for international students with qualified teaching staff and facilities. NTU is one of the excellent universities which can recruit MBBS students taught in English approved by Ministry of Education of P.R.C.. In the field of Chinese language and culture, the master and bachelor degree programs are available. The university has cooperated with different international organizations to open training courses for international students, who always give high praise to the excellent teaching and high-quality services of the university. The university also welcomes international student to join in the business and management program of the university. The relevant colleges have many faculties who got their degrees from foreign universities and have established close links with some world famous companies.

School of International Education (SIE), Nantong University is established in Jan. 2010. At present there are around 400 overseas students in the school. Those students are from USA, Japan, South Korea, India, Pakistan, Namibia and other countries. A part of them are studying for MBBS and other degrees. A part of them are exchange students from foreign universities. The others are short-term students studying Chinese language and all kinds of courses.

SIE is located in Qixiu Campus of the university.

Roreign Students proportion:
R.O.Korea 3%
United States1%
Others 5%
Close to Shanghai and located in Nantong, a beautiful coastal city with rich cultural heritage and plenty of humane scenery, Nantong University is a good place for international students to obtain knowledge and skills, a good place to learn Chinese language and culture, and a good place to fulfill their dreams.
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