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Gulou Campus:22 Hankou Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 210093
Xianlin Campus:163 Xianlin Road, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, 210023

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Campus Life


Students who apply to study in Nanjing University can apply for many types of Scholarships

1. Chinese Government Scholarship

a. Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens and be healthy physically and mentally.

b. Applicants studying for a master’s degree must have received bachelor’s degrees and should be at or under the age of 35.

c. Applicants studying for a Ph.D. degree must have received master’s degrees and should be at or under the age of 40.

2. Confucius Institute Scholarship

3. Jiangsu Jasmine Scholarship

Full Scholarship

a. A fee waiver of tuition, registration, laboratory experiments, internship, and basic textbooks.

b. Cost of experiments or internships beyond the program curricula is at student’s own expense.

c. Cost of books or learning materials other than required basic textbooks is at student’s own expense.

d. Free on-campus dormitory accommodation, or an accommodation allowance of 10,000 yuan per year.

e. A living allowance of 1,500 yuan per month.

f. Scholarship recipients registering before the 15th of the registration month (the 15th included) will be granted the full living allowance of that month.

g. Recipients registering after the 15th of the registration month will be granted half of the living allowance of that month.

h. Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Protection Scheme for International Students while in China.

4. Nanjing Government Scholarship


a. Non-Chinese citizens who are healthy physically and mentally, and friendly towards China.

b. Undergraduates at or under the age of 28; Master candidates at or under 35; and Ph.D. candidates at or under 40.

c. Applicants who are not granted with any other scholarship by Chinese government departments or agencies.

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