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Electrical Engineering

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


North China Electric Power University International Education

No.2 Beijing Road, Changping District, Beijing, 102206, PR China

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About Our NCEPU

North China Electric Power(NCEPU) University hightlights:

1. Project of "985", and '211". If you do not understand well the meaning of '985' and '211', you can click the link.

2. Located in the Capital city of China-Beijing

3. NCEPU is a national key university under China Ministry of Education (MOE)

4. National Key Discipline--Bachelor program in English Medium:

   Electrical Engineering and Its Automation; Mechanical Engineering

5.Rank Top 100 among all Chinese universties.

Facts about international students in North China Electric Power University:

Top nationalities of the foreign students:Pakistan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Lao

Total number of international students: In 2012, A total of 765 international students study in NCEPU; In 2013, 485; In 2014, 423.

While in 2016, there were almost 300 new international students join in NCEPU and the number of international students reached 500. Many new countries has joined in ,like Germany, India, Poland, Jordan, Israel and so on.


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