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Liaoning Medical University (LMU), founded in 1946, is located in the northeast of China,city of Jinzhou, 3.5 hours to Beijing by express . During its development over the past 61years, the university has become a leading provincial university with its main educational focus being on the medical sciences.

The campus covers an area of 975,000 square meters with a floor-space of 279,000square meters. There are well-equipped sport grounds, a gymnasium and a state of the art library. Six levels of education are offered at LMU: - general higher education, state-owned privately run education, adult education, vocational education, online education and international student education. The university accepts undergraduate, graduate, masters and postgraduate students.

The university comprises twelve teaching departments, ten provincial research centers, seven affiliated comprehensive hospitalsand one hundred and twenty-two outlets for teaching and practice. The curriculum comprises twenty-three specialized undergraduate subjects, thirty-two second levelmaster degree programs, two first level master degree programs and one doctorate degree program. There are three provincial key subjects, one provincial key laboratory and five provincial key medical specialties. The number of graduate students is approximately eight hundred whilst undergraduate students total about seven thousand.

Faculty members include two hundred and nineteen professors and chief doctors, five hundred and thirty-three associate professors, forty-five doctorate degree and two hundred and fifty-six master degree holders. One hundred and twenty faculty members have received their education and degrees abroad. More than one hundred teachers and researchers at the university have won the honor of “excellent teacher and talented person for science and teaching” awarded by both national and local government. Seventeen members were winners of a “special government allowance” and a further sixteen faculty members have been selected for the “million talents” project by national and local government.

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