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As an comprehensive institution of higher education with a glorious tradition in teacher training and a wide spectrum of disciplines in philosophy, literature, history, education, economics, law, management, arts, science, engineering and medicine, Hangzhou Normal University has distinctive advantages in its education of international students. The university started enrolling international students in early 1900s, and in some 20 years’ time, it has trained several thousands of international students coming for degree and non-degree studies from over 50 countries, including USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Pakistan, Australia and Kenya. In 2012, the university had an enrollment of over 600 international students doing studies in Chinese language and culture or working for undergraduate or graduate degrees in programs such as Chinese Language and Literature, Economics, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Education, Clinical Medicine, Health Care and Management.

The university currently has a doctoral program of Preventive Medicine, over 80 Master’s degree programs and over 60 Bachelor’s degree programs. It boasts quite a few strong disciplines, such as Condensed Matter Physics, Biology, Organic ChemistryMusiccurriculum and teaching theories, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Zoology, Health Care Management and a number of National Programs with Distinctive Features, which include biology, primary education, chemistry, and computer science and technology. The university has been making special efforts to internationalize its undergraduate and graduate programs of Health Care Management, E-commerce, Nursing, etc. with the aim of enabling international students to do their program studies using English as the working language. In addition, the university has also been cooperating actively with international partners to develop internet video courses with English as a medium of instruction, thus creating even better conditions to meet different needs of international students.

Hangzhou Normal University is an authorized institution for enrolling and training international students sponsored by China’s Government Scholarship. It is also the partner institution for developing the Confucius Institute at Middle Tennessee State University, USA. As a result, the university has been provided by governments in China, both central and local, with various funds to set up scholarships to attract outstanding international students to do studies here on its campuses.

Hangzhou Normal University currently has 4 campuses, all located in Hangzhou, a world-famous tourist resort reputed for its breath-taking natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. In the fall of 2013, the university will be moving to a new campus, which, with “Cangqian” as its name. is adjacent to the picturesque Xixi National Wetland Park in the western part of Hangzhou. On the campus, there has been set up an “International Education Complex” that occupies a floor space of about 60000 square meters. The complex, with all the modern and advanced facilities for studies and life, can accommodate 1500 international students.

In summary, with all the above features, Hangzhou Normal University is an ideal place for international students to pursue studies and experience a colorful life. So once again, welcome to Hangzhou normal University!

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