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Campus Life

About Our GZEU

The first Chinese education base in Guizhou province.

Guizhou Education University is a place special for foreigners to study chinese language.It began to enroll international students since 1994. There are students from US,Canada,New Zealand, Africa, Asia and so on studying Chinese here. We welcome all the world internaitonal students study in our University.

The predecessor of Guizhou Education University is Guizhou Education College established in 1978. In 2001, it incorporated Guiyang Staff College. In 2005, with the approval of Guizhou Provincial Education Department, it began to enroll full-time junior college students. It gained approval from the Ministry of Education in 2009 to be transformed into a full-time undergraduate university through restructuring and was renamed as it is now. In 2013, it was awarded the qualification to grant bachelor’s degree. At present, our university is gradually improving its educational policies while keeping ahead of the standard: focusing on teaching, research, professional development, management, and diversification of programs, while still pushing forward in such areas as training tailored to student talents, scientific research, cross-cultural communication, and serving the society.

University Environment

Located in the beautiful summer resort-——Wudang, Guiyang, the university covers an area of 77.9 hectares. It is adjacent to the green belt and surrounded by wood. With a green area accounting for 64.9%, it was awarded as the first “Green University”.

Spiritual Culture

The population of the full-time students in the university is 12693, including 11832 full-time undergraduate students, 744 junior college students, and 117 preparatory course students. There are 1133 teaching staff.

Advanced Talents

Nine experts enjoy the special allowance of the State Council and Guizhou Provincial Government; five experts were recruited in Thousand Talents program, Cheung Kong Scholars Program and Thousand Youth Talents Program; the university has three provincial management experts, 7 provincial distinguished teachers; two teachers are the candidates for the outstanding young scientific and technological talents training program and one teacher is the Jiaxiu Cultural Talent of Guizhou Province. One teacher is the provincial academic leader and there are two provincial teaching teams.

The university has 13 teaching institutions, including School of Liberal Arts, School of Foreign Languages, School of Educational Sciences, School of History and Sociology, School of Politics and Economics, School of Mathematics and Computer Science, School of Physics and Electronics, School of Chemistry and Life Sciences, School of Geography and Tourism, School of Physical Education, School of Arts, Department of Marxism and Leninism Instruction, and School of Vocational Technical Education.

Major Specialization

The university has established 32 majors for undergraduate students and 9 for junior college students, covering 10 subjects such as economics, law, pedagogy, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture, management and art. It has trained over 10, 000 qualified graduates.

Provincial Platform

The university has 2 national professional comprehensive reform pilot projects, 4 provincial comprehensive reform pilot majors, 4 provincial advanced talents training programs, 4 special keys majors, 1 provincial key subjects, 5 key provincial specially-supported majors. Besides, there are also 1 provincial “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” , 2 Scientific and Technological Innovation Talent Teams, 1 University Science and Technology Park, 2 provincial university humanities and social science research centers, 1 Experimental teaching demonstration center and 1 key provincial lab.

Teaching Condition

Foreign Exchange

Adhering to a policy of opening up for university running, we have established friendly cooperation links with 48 universities and institutions in the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Taiwan etc. In addition, the university has joined “International Education Union”, established counterpart aid relationship with Central China Normal University, and reached cooperative agreement for cooperative education with 105 enterprises, educational institutions and local governments, which includes Guiyang Municipal (Prefecture) Educational Bureaus and People’s Government of Wudang, Guiyang etc.


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