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China Medical University (CMU) is among the first batch of Chinese medical schools authorized by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to recruit international students. It is also one of the universities authorized by MOE to teach medicine in English for international students. CMU begun to recruit international students with Chinese government scholarship in 1976 and began to recruit international students for MBBS program in English medium in 2005. The MBBS program for America Class started in 2010, recruiting students with American Bachelor Degree. Currently,there are more than 400 international students from the United States of America, Japan, the Republic of Korea,and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe. They are studying in the different levels ,including doctoral students (in Chinese medium), post graduates (in Chinese medium), undergraduates (in English medium, Chinese medium, Japanese & Chinese medium) and visiting students(in Chinese medium).
The international medical education of CMU had been in the charge of International Exchange Center since the very beginning. In the year 2010, the International Education School was established. It is a department responsible for international student admission, teaching as well as student administration and service. In the recent years, the international medical education of CMU has achieved great progress. A perfect teaching and management system has been formed. Students’ quality has been greatly improved. Its MBBS program in English medium has reached a leading level in China and won high international reputations.
With the construction of the new campus, the improvement of students’ teaching and living conditions and the perfection of teaching and administration, CMU will gradually increase the number of international students so as to make contributions to the development of international medical education, cultivation of high-quality international medical staff and increasing the international reputation of CMU.
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