English-Taught Program(Bachelor)


Computer Science and Technology

Tourism Management

Business Administration



No. 152, Luo Yu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan 430079, Hubei Province, China

Zip Code: 430079



Campus Life


No. Major Degree Language
1. HSK Non-Degree English
2. Chinese Language Non-Degree English
3. Biology Bachelor degree English
4. Computer Science and Technology Bachelor degree English
5. Tourism Management Bachelor degree English
6. Business Administration Bachelor degree English
7. Communication and Information System Master degree English
8. Materials Science Master degree English
9. Business Administration Master degree English
10. Management Science and Engineering Master degree English
11. Mathematics Master degree English
12. Information Technology Master degree English
13. Philosophy and Psychology Master degree English
14. International Relation Master degree English
15. MBA Master degree English
16. Mathematics Doctoral degree English
17. International Relation Doctoral degree English
18. Philosophy and Psychology Doctoral degree English
19. Information Technology Doctoral degree English
20. Sociology Doctoral degree English
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