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SFU Address: No.995 Shangchuan Road Pudong District, Shanghai, 201209 P.R.China.

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Why choose to study in Shanghai Finance University

1. Founded in 1952 by the central bank of China-the People’s Bank of China;
2. 9,000 full-time undergraduate students;
3. Broad-based curriculum with focus on finance, economics and management;
4. 25 undergraduate programs with four offered in English;
5. Over 700 full-time faculty and staff members;
6. 445 full-time teachers with 226 having senior professional titles;
7. Over 600 international students from over 30 countries;
8. Excellent connections with the business communities and the financial institutions;
9. Half an hour drive from the Pudong International Airport and in close proximity to China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone;

10. Shanghai Finance University is the Cheapest university in Shanghai offer Chinese language and undergraduate program in English medium


Shanghai Finance University (SFU) is a public, four-year institution focused on preparing students for future professional careers in financial and economic management. SFU began in 1952 as Shanghai Banking Institute affiliated with the People’s Bank of China (PBC). It became Shanghai Finance Vocational College in 1987, and has operated under the joint jurisdiction of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government and the PBC since 2000, with the former taking the lead role. In September 2003, it was granted full university status under the present name.

Located at No. 995, Shangchuan Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, SFU boasts a sprawling 111-acre campus with a covered area of 62 acres. So far, SFU offers 25 undergraduate programs and four vocational degree programs, with a core focus in finance and a particular emphasis on economic management, while spanning a variety of well-balanced disciplines, including economics, law, literary and cultural studies, natural sciences, engineering, business management, and art.

Currently, SFU operates 12 faculties and departments, including the Schools of International Finance, International Economics and Trade, Accounting, Insurance, Finance and Public Administration, Business Administration, Information Management, Statistics and Mathematics, and the Departments of Foreign Languages, Law, Social Sciences, and Physical Education. It also houses three professional schools – School of International Exchange (School of Sino-Danish ), International Education, and Continuing Education – and a number of research institutes, including the Sci-Tech Finance Institute of Shanghai (International Financial Research Institute), the Goocoo Finance Institute for China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (SHFTZ), and the Higher Education Research Institute.

At SFU, students have the opportunity to work and study amidst a diverse, accomplished faculty with strong international profiles. Among the 722 faculty and staff members, 457 teach full time, 218 are state-certified senior professionals in their fields, and 198 hold a doctoral degree. Nearly a third of the faculty members have participated in international training and education programs, and approximately a quarter have an exemplary track record in working with banks and commercial enterprises.
With its attractive programs and easily accessible location within China’s lively economic center, SFU draws outstanding students from across China and the world. It currently enrolls over 8,000 full-time undergraduate and vocational students, more than 600 international students, and over 3,000 continuing education students. In addition, SFU offers a variety of professional training programs for financial and economic management organizations including banks, insurance companies and investment funds. Over the recent years, it has recorded a remarkable graduate employment rate exceeding 97%, and one of nearly 100% among the graduates of its international cooperation programs. The university offers a rich campus life of recreation, sports, arts and culture. Its proud tradition of excellence in fencing has led it to become a pilot training base for Shanghai’s professional fencing team.



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