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The School of International Education (SIE) of Zhejiang Gongshang University is an institute engaged in international education and Chinese and joint education programs. Over 400 international students come to study in the school each year. In addition to the degree programs (Undergraduate, Master, PhD) spread in different academic faculties, international students can choose to be majored in one of the two programs of SIE: Chinese Language and Culture, China and Chinese Business. The first program is especially designed for the students of language formation, with the courses as following: Chinese Language, Business Chinese, Intensive Chinese Language, Outline of China and several courses for option. The second program is aimed to international students in exchange, and the courses include: Modern Chinese, China and Chinese Culture, China's Economics and Trade, Practice in Business, Business Management, Chinese Business law, etc. SIE provides high-quality Chinese language courses for a long time and are praised highly by international students.

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Up to now, SIE has accepted thousands of students from more than 50 countries: Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Congo, Zambia, Jamaica, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Mauritius, Yemen, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Nepal.


SIE provides language courses both in downtown campus and Xiasha campus. In Xiasha Campus, SIE provides on-campus accommodations for international students. Every room is fully furnished with separate wash room and equipped with air conditioner, refrigerator, TV, telephone and internet access. Each floor has public kitchen and laundry room. There are on-campus health services, dining halls, sports facilities and libraries.


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