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South China Normal University (SCNU) was established in 1933, and is now a member of “Project 211” and a prestigious university in Guangdong Province. SCNU has 3 campuses which are located in or near Guangzhou, covering a construction area of 1.32 million square meters and a total area of 509 acres. SCNU’s scenic and culture-enriched campuses offer teachers and students a pleasant studying, teaching and living environment.

SCNU has 4 state-level key disciplines, 9 state-level key disciplines of “Project 211”, 18 first-level key disciplines of Guangdong Province, 4 second-level key disciplines of Guangdong Province. The university offers 83 undergraduate programs, 14 doctoral programs for first-level disciplines, more than 100 doctoral programs, 1 doctoral programs for professionals, 33 master’s programs for first-level disciplines, more than 200 master’s programs, 10 master’s programs for professionals, and 17 post-doctoral research stations. It is a comprehensive university consisting of diverse branches of learning, such as philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, science, engineering, management, agriculture, medicine, arts, etc.    

With the advantages of being a pioneer in the Reform and Open-up development, being adjacent to Hong Kong and Macau and being a university featuring teacher education, The university is active in international exchange. Links have been established with more than 120 universities and educational organizations around the world. Substantive exchanges and cooperation have resulted in introducing of intellectual resources, personnel training, scientific research, joint programs, international conferences, publication of books, and TCFL, etc. 

SCNU is the in first group of universities that attained the approval from the Ministry of Education of China to recruit foreign students. SCNU provides degree programs in bachelor, master’s and doctoral levels and certificate courses to international students. The international student number is over 1000 every year. Thousands of international students from over 50 countries on 5 continents have studied at SCNU. SCNU is also conducting student exchange programs and joint-degree programs with more than 50 universities in USA, Canada, UK, France, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, etc. More than 300 full-time students are sent to study abroad at the partner universities.

International Business College (IBC) is a subordinate institution of South China Normal University (SCNU). It is located in the peaceful and beautiful Nanhai Campus. As an important platform and window for SCNU’s international cooperation in education , IBC currently offers three undergraduate programs, namely, Financial Management, French and ‘the Sino-UK Joint Program’ in Finance. IBC is equipped with the International Curriculums Lab, the Financial Integrated Lab, the Digitized Language Center, the Bilingual Teaching Lab and the Self Access Center, and various language and business research centers.

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