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Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU) was founded in 1956. It is a key teaching and research oriented university with its own distinctive programs in electronic science and technology, engineering and information technology as well as management and accounting.
HDU has 4 campuses spread throughout downtown and Xiasha, the higher education park and the economic development zone. The Xiasha campus is the main campus and is largest in size, covering an area of approximately 329 acres.

HDU has over 28,000 registered students and more than 2,200 staff members, including 690 professors and associate professors. It has 25 schools and research institutes and offers 53 undergraduate programs and 43 postgraduate programs in engineering, management, economics, science, literature, law and education, along with multiple interactive disciplines and specialties.

HDU has a strong background in the electronics information industry and a long history within economics and management disciplines. It has 7 state-level constructing majors, 6 provincial-level key majors and 9 provincial-level constructing majors. Additionally, HDU offers 4 provincial-level key-in-key subjects, 9 provincial-level key subjects, 7 key subjects of National Information Industry level, as well as 1 provincial humanities & Society key research base. In 2009, the university began to develop 3 Ph.D. programs in control science & engineering, electronics science & engineering and computer science & engineering. Its dynamic scientific and technological research is well documented in the scientific community. In the years, HDU has completed a series of high-tech research projects as well as many state and provincial research funded projects in different fields. HDU has played an increasingly important role in cultivating scientific research and social service talent within the province.

The university emphasizes the comprehensive development of its students and works hard to cultivate high-quality talents with innovative spirits and practical skills. Having established stable, cooperative relationships with several hundred enterprises in China, India and Japan, the university provides many opportunities for the students to participate in internships, both at home and abroad, not to mention, providing ideal job opportunities in well known information technology companies. The students who have graduated from HDU are acclaimed by their employers and excel in their achievements in important scientific and technological competitions around the world.

As one of the first ten local pilot universities implementing the national project of “Cultivating Excellent Engineers”, HDU’s development and construction is closely associated with its international cooperation. At the time of print, the university has successfully established partner relationships with and formal cooperation with about 50 universities in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Australia, France, Japan, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. In 2012, HDU was approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to start the Sino-UK joint run undergraduate program in Telecommunication Engineering. Today HDU is continuing to make strides in the development of international cooperation in the areas of faculty and students exchanges, cooperative research, international courses cooperation and “the 2nd campus” programs with partner universities abroad.

Currently, HDU has set up an English-taught Bachelor’s degree program in Business Management and a Master’s program in Electronics Information Science & Technology as well as a bilingual Bachelor’s degree program in Accounting. Meanwhile, HDU has established over 60 English-taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses in management, economics, accounting, telecommunication engineering, electronics information and computer science among others.
The progressive and cutting edge research and curriculum at HDU make it one of the finest universities to select from when deciding on the best education destination. Look into our history, check out our modern facilities and we think the choice will be clear; you will be well-served by an education at HDU. We welcome you to study at HDU!
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